Tööstuse 43, Tallinn, Estonia
Store: +372 508 3309
Workshop: +372 5301 8568

Tähesaju tee 31, Tallinn Estonia
Store: +372 5885 7752
Workshop: +372 5301 6938


Info: +372 508 3309

IRONMAN Tallinn is one of the this years top summer events in the capital of Estonia . The competition courses run around the historic Old Town of Tallinn and through the wonderful nature of Harju Country. The race course also traditionally passes by the Velomarket store, where we help You with everything if necessary.

If you are one of the participants who flew your bike here using box and ship option. You are in the right page! At Velomarket, we offer you the following services:

1) Unpacking and assembling + setting up and adjusting the bike for the competition
2) Packing the bike in a box for transport after competition
3) Solving current problems – adding sealant, checking tires, setting brakes and gears, all other necessary maintenance work
4) Selling necessary additional equipment – spare inner tubes, drink bottles, bottle holders, tool sets for adjustment and tire change, frame bags for tools, in addition all other necessary accessories and parts

Address: Tööstuse 43, Tallinn

Phone number: +372 508 3309

Email: info@velomarket.ee

TIMES: Monday to Friday 11:00 to 20:00 / Sunday & Saturday 11:00 to 17:00