Bicycle front helmet KLICKfix, removable (grey)


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Removable bicycle front helmet with KLICKfix adapter, grey.

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Producer: Rixen & Kaul (Germany)

With the KLICKfix adapter, the basket can be easily removed from the mounting. The mounting point of the adaptor on the basket can be adjusted to leave space for a bicycle light, for example. The wheel basket also has a buckle, making it very comfortable to carry.

Colour: grey

Dimensions: 26 x 25 x 35 cm

Rixen & Kaul was founded in 1988. by two cycling enthusiasts, Rixen and Kauli, and is still a second generation family business. The German company mainly manufactures a variety of fasteners, bags, baskets, cases for smart devices, and more. Already in the early years, the KLICKfix attachment system for wheel bags and baskets was created, which allows you to attach the bag to the wheel with one click and remove it just as easily. Today, KLICKfix adapters are widely used.

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