Cycling helmet LIMAR AIR PRO ASTANA, light blue, size L


Sporty cycling helmet from the Italian brand LIMAR.

The helmet of the professional team Astana – Premier Tech participating in the Tour de France.

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Limar, an Italian manufacturer of helmets and eyewear since 1986, has been perfecting helmet technology for over thirty years. The culmination of experience, technical knowledge and technological development over the years, Limar has the world’s lightest helmet, which has never compromised on safety or comfort. The lightweight and aerodynamic head protectors have been developed in collaboration with professional cycling athletes. Every little detail has been thought through and tested by our engineers to achieve a perfect fit, ventilation, protection and minimum weight.

Also this season, Limar ‘s partner Astana – Premier Tech – will race the world’s most prestigious Tour de France with a team of 8 riders wearing the Limar Air Pro Astana helmet.


TECHNOLOGY Triple body, carbon fibre/eps frame
AIR 20 air vents,longitudinal vents inside the helmet
SIZE ADJUSTMENT Fully adjustable to the shape of the head, AIR-fit system at the neck, adjustable and padded straps.
CELEBRATION Antibacterial and washable contents/cushioning
SIZE (CM) S (53-56), M (54-58), L (57-61)
KAAL (G) S (230), M (250), L (270)
COLOUR AstanaLightBlue

Helmet features: fully adjustable to the shape of the head, AIR-fit system, adjustable and padded straps. Composition – carbon fibre/EPS and ABS compliant top layer. Complies with the European EN1078 security standard.

  • AIR PRO helmet is available in AstanaLightBlue, GazpromWhiteBlue, MattBlackYellow, Silver, blue, green, MATT black, MATT black/pink, red, white.
  • Size: S (53-56), M (54-58), L (57-61)
  • Helmet weight S (230g), M (250g), L (270g)
  • Manufacturer LIMAR (Italy).

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