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The multifunctional Polisport Trailer can be used to transport both children and other cargo. Sleeps up to 2 children aged 9 months to 2 years, up to 105 cm tall. Carrying capacity up to 41 kg (children + cargo). The trolley itself weighs 16 kg and is safe for both rider and children – it complies with EN 15918 and EN 1888 standards, has a safety flag, 5-point safety straps and a parking brake. It’s also waterproof – so you can ride in all weathers. Suspension makes it easier to transport children and delicate loads. Interior pockets add even more storage space, and it’s especially handy for storing smaller items. The Polisport Trailer is compatible with 9 mm QR rear wheels and up to 10 mm solid ropes and has an aluminium and steel frame.

If you’re not in the mood for a bike ride, you can also use the trolley as a normal pushchair by attaching the included wheel to the front of the trolley.

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