Gymnastics ball Bosu ball AVENTO with handles, blue


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The BOSU® workout consists of aerobic capacity-boosting steps, effective body management and muscle conditioning movements and stretches. BOSU® effectively combines both static and dynamic exercise, activating the whole body. Just standing on the twisting surface of a hemisphere requires the muscles to keep working together. BOSU® is a functional workout that focuses on the systematic use and development of the body’s different abilities.BOSU® Balance Training is suitable for women and men, from beginners to advanced – for anyone who wants an effective and enjoyable workout! The BOSU® class does not include choreographed movements and everyone practices at their own level. The degree of difficulty can be adjusted by movements or by changing the way the ball is used.
Technical description:

Single-leg air cushion made of durable PVC
The base is made of strong PVC
Additional handles for a wide range of exercises, length 103 cm
Maximum user: 130 kg
Diameter: 58 cm, height: 18-22 cm
Weight: 4.5 kg

Brand name: Avento

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