Massage roller SPOKEY 33x14cm black/green


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Spokey GREAN massage roller:

is an indispensable pre- and post-workout element – it’s great for relaxing muscles ,
supports exercise to strengthen the back, stomach, legs and other parts of the body,
made of EPP foam, which makes it pleasant and comfortable during the massage.

Roller Spokey GREAN makes your muscles smoother! Exercising with them has great health benefits – increasing blood flow, improving movement during exercise, increasing range of motion and reducing the risk of strain and injury!
The massage roller is an indispensable friend for home workouts – it allows you to relax your muscles on your own.
The massage roller is a device that is perfect for use during warm-up and after exercises. It can be used to accelerate the recovery of massaged muscles, radically changing the face of any workout – your muscles relax and your workout becomes a pleasure. The use of the Spokey GREAN roller diversifies the exercises, allowing you to engage different muscle groups. It supports exercise to strengthen the back, abdomen, legs and its structure allows the user to enjoy a gentle or intense massage with exercises.

Brand name: Spokey

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