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GRID is a revolutionary new massage roller with three different massage zones, matrix technology and an eco-friendly design.GRID “green” technology – GRID is built using fewer chemical materials than a traditional foam roller, but is built tough enough to withstand heavy loads and repeated use.
GRID has a unique design and three different massage zones that allow for targeted massage. Find the pattern on GRID with the strength that suits you best and apply to the painful area and start rolling. GRID is compact, easy to take to the gym or on the road. Dimensions – length 33cm and diameter 14cm GRID was originally designed for sportsmen and women, but is also suitable for ordinary people. The product is suitable for anyone who wants to relieve their muscle aches and pains and for people who want to strengthen their core muscles. GRID should be a muscle maintenance tool for every serious athlete! GRID is certainly not a substitute for a massage, but it is an effective tool on days when you don’t have one. GRID is the most versatile and comprehensive massage and exercise roller on the market. GRID has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects – the manufacturer is confident that GRID will not break down or break under normal use, with a maximum user weight of 225 kg. The GRID is ideal for relieving muscle tension in hard-to-stretch areas such as the outer thighs and the tops of the legs. GRID is also an effective tool for relieving tension in the back. What makes the GRID different from other massage rollers is that it is of high quality, which means that while normal so-called. wax rolls go through quickly (read soft), GRID lasts a long time. If the massage roller becomes soft, it will no longer give the desired effect and result. Using the GRiD is simple, you just find a sore point in your muscle, support the point against the GRID and then roll backwards.

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