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We’ve written down 7 reasons why a bike is the perfect gift for a child!

Owning and riding a bicycle gives children the opportunity to discover a new way of moving. More than just a toy, a bike is a mobility tool that can be used by children of almost any age. It is the first “vehicle” that a child can drive on his/her own and gives the parent the opportunity to teach the child how to be a good and responsible owner.

The parent does not have to be the child’s taxi driver. The sense of freedom and independence that cycling gives children contributes to their development. A bicycle gives them the opportunity to get from one place to another, regardless of cars, public transport, other people and even money. Younger children learn to appreciate different speeds and ways of moving while riding alongside their parents, gaining agility, and older children can start cycling around town. For example, a child can use his or her bike to go to school, to see friends or to run errands.

The bike is a fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fit exercise into your daily routine. As cycling involves the whole body, it is a great form of exercise and play in one. The bike will get the whole family in better shape, because now you can go cycling together, or go for a walk/jog when your child goes for a ride.

A bicycle is a great learning tool. Children can learn about the importance of the rules of the road and what they mean, as well as about bike parts and how to solve common problems with bikes (e.g. punctures, chains coming off, etc.) by pedalling around their surroundings. Riding a bike also increases your child’s attention span. He or she needs to be aware of other vehicles on the road, be aware of his or her surroundings and of other people. Such practical and technical knowledge deepens a child’s learning and skill set. All while relaxing and having fun.

When it comes to value-for-money gifts, a bicycle is one of the top candidates on this list. It’s not just an exciting gift, it also contributes to your child’s overall development – fostering responsibility, independence and self-confidence. What’s more, the bike is something your child can use for a long time, while also breathing fresh air and absorbing vitamin D. If there are many children in the family, unlike many other things, the bicycle can be very successfully and practically “handed down”. It is also always possible to resell the bike years later. With consistent and good maintenance, you can make a tidy sum from the subsequent sale of your bike.

When you introduce your child to bicycles, you are also introducing him or her to the importance of reducing pollution from vehicle emissions. If more and more children choose to cycle for fun, to run errands or to school, this can have a very positive impact on the environment around us. In addition, children will be introduced to the various campaigns for social change that have been carried out by different cyclists around the world.

When it comes to holidays or weekends, children usually have much more energy than we do. The bike is a great way to help them manage this energy. What’s more, cycling can also lead them to a new favourite hobby, which can later become a sporting interest or a useful exercise skill for life.

So whatever the age of your child, a bicycle is always a great gift. Whether it’s your child’s very first tricycle, with its pretty colours and flag, or a professional model that can take them off-road and put them to the test in their teens, it’s sure to bring a smile to their face.
I got a new bike! Wow! 🙂