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You can work out anytime, anywhere. There’s no need to go to the gym or jog in the summer heat or snow on the streets. You can always train at home! “But I need a full gym!” we hear you say. No, it’s not true! If you use the space in your home wisely, you can get a versatile workout every day without taking up a lot of square footage.

Home exercise with exercise bikes is also a good rehabilitation tool for those recovering from injury, for older people who want to participate in a daily exercise routine or for anyone who wants to get back on track after a long break.

Here are some of the benefits of training at home:
– Invest a little money once and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come, without the monthly recurring gym or membership costs.
– Save time – after all, you don’t have to leave home.
– At home, you’re in familiar and comfortable surroundings.
– You can train whenever you want, even if you want to do a few exercises in between work or study.
– You can use items in your home, such as water bottles, (heavy) books and furniture.

Exercise machines are a very comfortable way to do cardio training. It improves your immune system, helps you stay in shape and as a result, you feel better every day. In this way, you exercise your cardiovascular system (also known as the circulatory system). Basically, it includes all activities that increase heart rate, burn calories and improve endurance. Walking, running, cycling and rowing are also considered cardio exercise.

Cardio exercise improves health and overall fitness in many ways:
– Your heart works more efficiently, pumping more blood through your body in fewer beats per minute.
– Your lungs absorb more oxygen
– Your blood can carry more oxygen
– Able to tolerate physical exertion for prolonged periods of time
– It’s good for your blood pressure
– It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and bone thinning.
– It improves your immune system
– Feel better and more energetic every day – reduces stress and anxiety, has an anti-depressant effect.
– It’s never too late to get started, because the positive effects of sport can be felt within a week!

What is the best form of exercise to improve physical tone?

Unfortunately, there is no one way of training that suits everyone best. Every person is just so different. Body composition plays an important role in determining training, but other factors are also important. For example, your general physical condition and how often you have exercised in the past. Exercise regularly, not just once in a while, until the desired physical shape is achieved. You have to keep what you have achieved and you have to keep it in the long term by training, otherwise it is not possible. Above all, it’s important that you do something you like and that suits you. Some people prefer to walk, while others prefer to run, cycle or swim.
Even with physical limitations, there are many ways to do cardio exercise. For example, a “recumbent bike” is a great alternative to a pedal bike or a regular bicycle – you sit in a semi-recumbent position, which is more comfortable and less strenuous. Many treadmills also have handles for support.

Does cardio training make you stronger?

Of course! This workout strengthens your muscles and improves muscle endurance. For example, on a cycling circuit, you’re not only training your endurance, but also different muscle groups such as quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and even back and abdominal muscles. If you want to exercise more muscle groups, a rowing ergometer is perfect. However, cardio exercise does not make you muscular. To get a muscular body, you need strength training, which can be perfectly combined with cardio.
This type of exercise is ideal for burning calories and losing weight. Regular exercise also improves metabolism and burns fat instead of carbohydrates. However, exercise is not the only prerequisite for weight loss – diet is just as important. For best results, always combine your workout with the right diet.

Some of the most common trenchers, suitable for many people, include:


The treadmill is a great exercise tool for anyone looking for a strong, full-body workout. As most modern jobs require a lot of sitting hunched over computers, more and more physiotherapists are recommending this exercise to their clients. To perform a full movement or stroke correctly on a rowing ergometer, 85% of the muscles in the whole body need to be engaged. The muscles of the legs, arms, back, glutes and core need to be activated, providing a total body workout that increases both body strength and cardiovascular capacity – a machine that involves cardio training and strength building at the same time.


Cycling exercise bikes have always been one of the most popular exercise machines for home use: they are compact, provide an excellent cardio workout and are easy to use at all exercise levels. Easy to use for all ages. The greater load and training is precisely on the legs and buttocks, a little less load on the back and abdominal muscles, which keep the body upright during cycling. When pedaling while standing on the exercise bike, the greater load falls on the arms and lower back muscles more than on the legs. Cycling is recommended in the context of rehabilitation, especially for knee and ankle injuries, as the load on them is less during cycling. Well suited for athletes for intensive training spinnigrattad , which are heavier and more durable. Read more about the different types of cycling trainers in the Velomarket blog post. “Cycling trainers – which one to choose?” .


It’s easy to use and can exercise almost 80% of the muscles in the whole body. The machine exerts minimal stress on the joints so it is ideal for those who have a sports injury but still want to maintain general physical fitness, especially endurance. It works both the upper and lower body, making it a great choice for healthy joints, muscles and lungs. Ideal for those with weak knees and joints.
The elliptical trainer mainly trains the gluteus maximus, hamstrings (just below the buttocks), quadriceps (at the front of the thigh) and hamstrings (at the back of the thigh). Pedalling backwards exercises the thigh muscles and glutes. The arm muscles (biceps, triceps), back and chest muscles receive a moderate load. By varying the elliptical trainer ‘s exercises and workouts, it is possible to increase the load on different muscle groups. If you don’t hold on to the handle, the trenazoor also improves posture and balance.
Read more about different elliptical trainers in the Velomarket blog post. “Elliptical trainers – what is it and how to choose?” .


Do you want to go for a walk or a jog, but the weather is too bad, or do you just prefer to be indoors? A treadmill is perfect for walking or running at home. Nowadays they are lighter and many are foldable, so you can slide them under the bed where they won’t get caught if you’re not exercising. You can also choose between different training functions for beginners and advanced users. There’s also the option to connect the treadmills to your smart device to keep track of your training plan and pace in the app. You can change the speed of the tape – whether you want to walk or jog fast, or keep up a faster pace. Many can also change the pitch angle, which mimics running up or down hills. At the end of a walk or run, you can pack up the foldable treadmill and slip it under the bed or hide it behind a cupboard. Read more about the different types of cycling trainers in the Velomarket blog post. “Treadmill – which one and how to choose?” .


For those who take (cycling) seriously and can’t afford to skip a workout, Velomarket offers bike training bags. You can train with them in the room on your bike. Depending on the training bucket, the rear wheel of the bicycle with the chain is connected to the training bucket or the rear wheel is placed on it.


Home exercise machines are smaller than gym exercise machines and are also designed to be easy to move and even pack away. After all, there’s only so much space in the home and if there’s nowhere to put it, it’s simply not bought. If you’re not exercising at the moment, you can simply throw away the exercise bikes at home – many have small wheels underneath to make exercise accessible to all. The ribbon can be packed particularly small, as the ribbon itself is low and many of the handles are made to be foldable. This makes it very easy to roll the treadmill under the bed or hide it away in a cupboard.

Be creative when finding ways to exercise at home! You can walk, run, paddle in your living room at home – there’s bound to be something to suit your preferences.


Velomarket is the official distributor of Tuntur trenazers and we have a wide range of home training equipment. If you’re interested in strength training at home, you can find dumbbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or other additional weights and accessories in the Velomarket range. If you’re looking for a more serious gym workout, there’s a workout bench to suit you. For gymnastics at home, Velomarket offers a range of massage equipment, gymnastics and yoga mats, gymnastics balls, stretching bands and other equipment from the Tunturi range.

The tundra literally means “big mountain”, symbolizing the overcoming of challenges and the feeling of accomplishment that comes after intense training and self-transcendence.

The Tunturi began in 1922. in Turku, Finland, when brothers Aarne and Eero Harke opened a bicycle shop, Pyöräkellari Oy. Initially, the main focus was on repairing bicycles, and then the company itself produced bicycles under the Tunturi name. The brand was very successful and within a few years the small shop was replaced by a factory and by the 1950s the Tuntur brand was the leader in the domestic moped market. Using the technology and knowledge gained from bicycle manufacturing, Tunturi expanded into the production of other sports equipment.

1969. In 2008, Tunturi transformed the fitness industry by introducing the world to the first pedal ergometer for home use, and a year later, it gained international recognition as a manufacturer of sports equipment.

In the 1990s, a strategic decision was made to focus on the production of Tuntur fitness products and Tuntur bicycles. This decision was important for the further development of the brand. Tunturi is now a well-known brand in Scandinavian countries and Tunturi fitness products are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.