Tööstuse 43, Tallinn, Estonia
Store: +372 508 3309
Workshop: +372 5301 8568

Tähesaju tee 31, Tallinn Estonia
Store: +372 5885 7752
Workshop: +372 5301 6938

Info: +372 508 3309

You can bring your new or old bike or electric scooter to the Velomarket bike hotel. Keep your bikes with us!

The Velomarket bike hotels are located in:


Tööstuse 43, Tallinn

Workshop tel: +372 5301 8568



Tähesaju Tee 31, Tallinn

Workshop tel: +372 5301 6938


Velomarket bike hotel

Storage for winter period : 49,99 EUR
Simple maintenance + storage : 74,99 EUR
Full care package + wash + storage : 159,99 EUR

  1. In the bike hotel, your two-wheeled friend is under electronic surveillance controlled by a security company.
  2. Want to cycle in the meantime? Call ahead and we’ll issue you a bike.
  3. After the ride, you can return the bike to the bike hotel.
  4. All bike hotel customers get -20% off on maintenance work
  5. All accessories are -20% off for all bike hotel clients.
  6. Spring maintenance is off-queue for all bike hotel customers.

Advantages of a bike hotel

NB! We offer a full range of services, from storing your bike to transport, repair and maintenance.

Why bring your bike to the Velomarket bike hotel?

  • A safe and warm place to store your precious bike
  • A damp cellar and balcony will damage your bike
  • The bicycle stays in your way all winter long
  • At the bike hotel, we offer bike cleaning and maintenance, so you can start riding in the spring without worries.
  • Bicycle storage 365 days a year

All customers of the bike hotel can collect and return their bike once a month free of charge. After that, the cost of renting a bike is €6.00 per bike.

Order bike transport to/from Tallinn – one way 15 euros.

If you wish, we can provide a replacement bicycle service for the duration of the maintenance at a price of 19 EUR.

Watch our Bike Hotel video!