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Store: +372 508 3309
Workshop: +372 5301 8568

Tähesaju tee 31, Tallinn Estonia
Store: +372 5885 7752
Workshop: +372 5301 6938

Info: +372 508 3309

Is cycling your passion? The new cycling season is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to dive into the world of bikes! Take a look at our job offers and let us know!

Come to us as a sales specialist!

Velomarket OÜ operates in the forward-looking bicycle and electric scooter sector. For us, environmentally sustainable transport and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Join us and help change the world!

The content of your future job is:

  • sale of bicycles and accessories in the shop
  • advising customers on bike choice
  • stocking goods, tidying up the showroom.
  • preparing invoices and delivery notes

This job is for you if:

  • you are an excellent communicator
  • speak Estonian fluently and express yourself well in English.
  • you are a quick learner
  • have an interest in sales, bicycles or, better still, both.
  • you want to sell more and more effectively

You will benefit from:
– technical dexterity
– Russian language skills

We offer you:

  • Motivating and result-oriented pay.
  • work on a regular basis
  • a seasonal or open-ended contract.
  • career opportunities in a fast-growing company
  • training – both in sales skills and in the field of bicycles
  • in-company benefits
  • a friendly and supportive team
  • the possibility to choose where to work – either in Velomarket’s Kalamaja bike shop or in Velomarket’s Tähesaju City bike shop.

For more questions, call 5683 3368.

Our shops are waiting for you!

Each of us has our own way of being. It’s different for all of us. It is unique and makes you extraordinary and interesting! Your uniqueness is what others relate to, what brings you work, clients or sales success. Your uniqueness is why people want to work with you, to spend time with you. Your uniqueness – it’s you.

Timo’s story:

“I joined Velomarket in 2021. and I thought that I would do this job for about half a year,” recalls Timo, who started as a salesman and is now a senior salesman at the Starry Sky store. One of my first impressions of Velomarket, was the good company and the nice service manager who said don’t go away, it’s nice to work here.

When Timo was offered the job of senior salesman, he was initially quite apprehensive and wondered whether he would get his old job back if the job didn’t suit him. But it was a good fit – and so the man has already begun to think about a longer career in retail.

According to Timo, he is constantly looking for challenges, what and how to acquire new knowledge and skills to improve his performance and apply his talents. There is also certainly room for improvement in how to be a better user of time, a better manager of one’s own energy, a more creative solution finder, a more effective actor, a better conflict resolver, more open to change, more diplomatic, etc.