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In this turbulent era, when even in Tallinn red cycle lanes were completed :), cycling to work or school should be considered more seriously.
When it’s cooler and rainy outdoors, many of us put our summer two-wheeler friends to hibernation. In autumn, it’s back to a normal day, with more walking on the school-to-work route. But did you know that you can also cycle this route? There are so many benefits to cycling every day, and believe it or not, the autumn weather doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Or as the old saying goes – “If there’s a decent enough outfit, there’ll be decent weather!”.

Why? Because cycling is good for your health: 1. Training the heart to keep it strong and resilient into old age. 2. Keeps muscles toned. 3. Cycling is also very good for mental health and cognitive abilities. It can be said that when you put your feet to work, you put your head to work. And what better way to start the working day than with a fresh head and a clear mind? Cycling makes your mind alert and alert. So you’ll definitely be more productive and energetic cycling to school or work than commuting by public transport or car.

And last but not least – as well as keeping yourself healthy, you’ll save yourself time! You don’t have to stand in rush-hour traffic jams. You can smile as you pass them by. The next positive thing about bicycles is that you save the environment. The amount of exhaust gases produced by driving a car will be zero. Yes, it may seem like a small amount per person, but for many, it adds up to a pretty substantial amount. In society, we all live together. Did you know that in the big cities of the Nordic countries, cyclists are even called urban air purifiers? In addition, the financial costs of cycling are almost nil compared to travelling by car or public transport. And compared to walking – cycling is a time-saver! 🙂

But why do so many people still prefer cars to bikes in urban traffic? Afraid of getting wet, nowhere to store your bike at work, sweaty from cycling? To make cycling to work or school enjoyable and worry-free, Velomarket brings you some useful tips.

1. Pack your stuff in a wheelie bag.

You don’t have to carry a special bike bag. It attaches to the wheel – either to the pack frame or to the handlebars. When strapped to the bike, the backpack won’t make your back sweat while riding. A very good option is the luggage bag Basil Urban, available at Velomarket. You can fit your work clothes and laptop in there, and there’s plenty of room – you can drive through the shop after work and do your shopping.

In addition, backpacks that can be used on a daily basis and not only when cycling. The Basil Soho Nordlicht bike backpack is LED-lit, fully waterproof and, most importantly, looks great and looks great when worn off the bike. NB! It’s also great for everyday school bags, as it has plenty of space, it’s comfortable and lightweight, and you’ll be perfectly visible in the dark!

As an alternative to a backpack, you can also choose a classic laptop bag – the Basil City Shopper , which can be attached to the luggage rack, is a bag that you can use everywhere – to the store, to lectures, to work. Holds the biggest laptop and everything else you need for life.

The Basil Evergreen is multifunctional – it’s a shoulder bag, a backpack and a bike bag! It looks very chic and is perfect for work, school or a lunch break at the best cafe in town 🙂 .

However, if you want to comfortably carry your already existing work bag, sports bag or school bag on a luggage rack, then Basil Class – a luggage rack basket equipped with reflective strips and fastening straps , which was the best-selling luggage rack basket in 2021, comes to your rescue. You can even fit a large backpack in this basket, and thanks to the straps, it won’t fall off even on the most daring jumps or the fastest bends. Visibility and security first! NB! If you want to use your regular backpack, we recommend using a rain cover in case of unexpected storms. Lightweight rain covers that can be rolled up small and put in a bag. But when it rains, they can save both the look of your bag and the computer inside!

2. Drive to work chic!

Cycling to work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear a sports suit. You can cycle to work in a suit. And many do! All over the world. Of course, a city bike with long boards is a suitable way to go to work in the Estonian climate.

If it’s a long journey to work, consider getting an electric bike instead. So you can drive 10-20 km to work without breaking a sweat – but of course, you can also crank up the pace and take the corners yourself if you want. When cycling every day, always bear in mind Estonia’s changeable weather and the possibility of rain. To avoid getting wet, there are rain capes specially adapted for cyclists that also protect the knees.

If your workplace offers laundry facilities, dress in comfortable clothes for the journey. Choose your driving clothes according to the weather. Windproof and waterproof outerwear keeps you warm and dry.

Useful tips for packing workwear so it doesn’t get wrinkled in the bag: the golden rule of packing is to always put the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. This way, the weight of lightweight clothes does not press into the bottom of the bag. Always put your shoes at the bottom of the bag, roll up your clothes and put everything on top. They don’t wrinkle too much when you roll them.

Specialist advice: If your trouser leg is wide and tends to “flop” when riding, use special trouser leg clips. Otherwise, the leg of the trouser may get caught in the chain and become oily.

3. Take care of your bike!

You have to take care of your bike – just like you take care of yourself. You can choose the right lock for secure locking – a switch lock that attaches to the wheel while you’re on the move is a great choice, and you can always be sure of its reliability: It’s not always possible to hide your bike at work or school. For this, there are wheel covers that protect your bike from rain, snow, dust and more – like the Dunlop wheel cover at Velomarket.

In addition, we always recommend using a compact and affordable saddle cover – trust us, there’s nothing more unpleasant than a wet saddle out in the rain when you start riding :).

That will be all for now!

Wishing you happy journeys, a clear head and a cheerful mind – –

Your Velomarket 🙂