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Info: +372 508 3309

EXCELSIOR – a manufacturer of trendy “vintage” bicycles from Germany.

The Excelisor product line was developed by Hartje KG, a company based in Hoya, Northern Germany, which was founded in 1895 by Hermann Hartje and has since grown to become one of the leading two-wheeler wholesalers in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Hartje KG is engaged in the production and wholesale of motorcycles, electric bicycles, bicycles and treadmills, as well as the wholesale of various spare parts. The company also has offices in Denmark and France and employs over 650 people.

The developers of the Exclsior product line themselves say that these bikes combine renowned German quality, a big-line lifestyle and creative design with the currently very popular retro chic.

EXCELSIOR mainly produces city bikes with modern technical solutions, both in the classic and currently still making waves in the Vintage style .

It doesn’t matter if you need a comfortable city cruiser for shopping in the market, a larger Dutch-style bike for a ride in the countryside or a fast and light classic track bike for commuting to work – all Excelsior models are stylish and well-priced for European quality!