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I’ve been driving different Konas for three years now. Acquaintances who are not really bike people notice this and are interested in why I ride this particular bike. So, I have nothing against giving my honest opinion and guiding people.

In the spring, I introduced my Kona addiction to three acquaintances: Siimu, Andre and Margus. We talked about cycling for months, I took them out to the woods to try it out, and in the long run they agreed that the Kona was cool and a really good deal for the money. For Siimu we finally bought Big Honzo, Margus is patient and we will go and try him at the Lava Domeone day . Andrei has a bicycle from another manufacturer, but he wants to buy his next bike from Kona.

In the woods, we first tried out an older Kona model that I built myself. Kona Stuff – all the parts swapped for something a little bit nicer and all in all a super good bike. That’s where Siim Kona got his thumbs up. I’ve already mentioned to him that in the future I plan to cash in on this bike, add a little extra and buy a modern Kona – Lava Dome, for example.

Kona bicycles
Kona bicycles

Siim, Andrei and Margus are currently contacting me with their bike and Kona questions. I’ve actually encouraged them to do it myself and it seems to be working, because there are a lot of questions. Siim has already ridden over 2000 km on his Big Honzo since spring, is trying marathons and has sometimes put in 100+ km a day. Siim-Sander Rooba works in the social field with young people. There are still a few guys in this bunch who have wheels, but the Kona influence is real now and in the future, when you need a new wheel, you can’t look past Kona.

Kona bicycles
Kona bicycles

My good friend Robert, who already had a bike, also tried my Kona a couple of times and really liked it. I helped him sell his previous bike and guided him on the next steps. A couple of weeks ago we also bought him a Big Honzo. I put it together for him so he wouldn’t have to come back to the shop for little things. I made him a snuffbox at the same time. I’ve been chatting to people I know on the street who know the Kona brand. It’s unusual for a lot of people to see Kona in the new moon, but there’s pure interest and as soon as possible I’ll give people a try and talk a bit about this and that. Of the more expensive models, the Big Honzo is definitely the one with the most potential to sell – not that rear-drive models are more desirable in people’s eyes.

I also took my brother and his son for a little ride on my bike. The issue is still up in the air, the son would love a Kona but the father is not much of a cyclist. However, in the rehearsals he was very positive. I told them to come through Kalamaja Velomarket when they get to Tallinn. Let’s go and try some more different Kona models. Maybe we’ll at least put the seed in the soil for the new year.

This year I have bought 3 Big Honzos at full price. That’s fine by me for now. I also explained to friends that Kona is just a brand where it’s hard to get a discount for less than 2000 euros. And with good reason. Personally, I’d ideally like to get a new Big Honzo 2023 model by spring. I don’t ride the Kona Shonky [pilt kõrghoone taustal] I bought last year much, but it’s the kind of bike that can be used for years – it never goes sour.

This year, I have another Kona project in progress. I visited a good friend in Tartu some time ago. He likes to ride, but he doesn’t consider himself a rider like me and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a bike. The type of person who thinks very carefully about their purchases. I told him a bit about my point of view and we came to the conclusion that he should try Big Honzo first. It has everything you need for a good bike and no unnecessary details. The hubs, with the right spacing, hold the stylish and massive 2.8″ tyres (WTB Ranger). Hydraulic disc brakes and an 11-speed drivetrain keep the ride consistent. It’s the ideal bike for giving the rider extra grip over varied and challenging terrain. The tyre adapts when rolling around roots and rocks and offers a special driving comfort.

Andre Rätsep
Freelance mountain bike enthusiast since 2010

Kona bicycles
Kona bicycles