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An exciting new model from the Giant team that has everything a fast bike should.

Gianti’s ninth-generation TCR has moved away from its three-size concept, with bikes now available in six different sizes, from XS to XL. With adjustable handlebars and seat post extensions, the new Giant offers riders a choice of angles and riding positions. The diamond-shaped frame of the famous ‘Total Compact Road’ and the sharp corners of the design that fans love on road wheels have been retained.

Sticking with this tried and trusted diamond frame shape means Giant has resisted pressure from bike designers in general to use a smaller rear triangle for comfort in certain riding positions.

Instead, Giant uses a D-shaped carbon seatpost to dampen vibration and provide an aerodynamic advantage. According to many professionals, a well-designed carbon seatpost flexes at 100x the speed of a steel frame while riding. This solution offers greater driving comfort and much less vibration.

At first glance, it looks like 2021. The TCR for 2010 is last year’s model, but look closer and you’ll see that every detail of the frame tube has been aerodynamically moulded using combtail profiles. This trimmed and aerodynamic frame is designed to “cheat” the wind. By creating a physical wing effect during the ride and making the wind generated during the ride less impactful and disturbing.

The frame uses Giant’s Advanced-Grade Composite technology (high-performance raw carbon fibre) and all the model testers liked that it has kept the layers of the frame tubes thin instead of adding aerodynamic details and making the frames thicker and heavier as a result.

The new frame design saves 34 seconds over 40 km at a constant power of 200w. Although the aerodynamics are difficult to quantify outside the wind tunnel, the TCR is certainly significantly faster than before.

At the rear of the frame is Giant’s pioneering and much imitated D-shaped carbon seatpost. An important detail to balance the aggressive nature and rigidity of the bike, while offering compliance and comfort.

The Giant TCR Advanced Pro 2 Disc Carbon road wheel currently on sale at Velomarket is directly in the same product range, and all the same principles have been used to create this wheel.

The brand new TCR Advanced Pro Disc gives you the chance to enjoy top class performance on the climbs, corners and descents. The bike can be ridden on hills as well as flat terrain, using a new lighter, aerodynamically treated frame. Shimano 105 components, carbon frame, Giant SLR-1 runners and high-performance aerodynamic road geometry. The TCR Advanced Prod Disc delivers podium-worthy performance in any situation.