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The following points should be considered when buying a bicycle:

  • What road/terrain do you mostly drive on?
  • What bike have you ridden so far?
  • Where are you going to store the bike?

The first point is the most important. City bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes are all equally suited to the city. It all depends on the comfort of the bike and your personal preferences. If you enjoy long bike trips, a road bike or a hybrid bike is better for you than a classic city bike . But if you’ll be spending most of your time on the bike on hilly forest roads and more difficult terrain, a mountain bike with twin tires is the way to go.

For many customers, the type of bike they have ridden before is also an important factor influencing their choice. Older people, in particular, find it difficult to get used to cycling with, for example, foot brakes, but the new bike has hand brakes. If you’re used to a 21-speed, three gears may not be enough for you at first. So – these things also need some thought.

Where to keep the wheel? It may seem like a minor problem at first, but it also has a real impact on bike choice. If you keep your bike in an apartment and have to carry it up the stairs to the fourth floor every day, the weight of the bike becomes very important. Every extra kilo will play a role here, and it makes more sense to choose a lighter wheel, such as one with an aluminium frame or a thinned steel frame. If you are buying a bicycle for a child, you should also consider whether the child will need to lift the bicycle a lot in the meantime.