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I know-many of my friends pack their two-wheeled friends in the basement when winter comes. But I’m joined by a whole host of activists who think that cycling in winter is the best way to get around. But there are a few tricks.

I think it’s hilarious every winter how snow comes as a surprise to everyone. Suddenly the traffic is all about and everyone has forgotten how that snow removal hookus pookus went… Then I feel a heavenly joy when I can easily and quickly pedal past all this confusion on my bike. Because there’s always enough room to get around on a bike! But to make the ride safe and fun, a few things need to be reviewed.


When the roads are slippery, you need spikes to move safely. Just like the autolgi! On my bike I have sand white summer tyres and dark four row studded winter tyres. And that makes a big difference to the driving experience! I’d recommend everyone to try how comfortable and secure you can feel on icy roads in winter with the spikes under the wheel. No stress – the truth!
Although I have been driving like this for years, I have never changed a tyre in my life. I always go to Velomarket for maintenance. The guys will put new tyres on and check everything else nicely. What goes around, comes around! An active cycling enthusiast could have his bike serviced regularly. Some of the more skilled ones can do it themselves, but I like to entrust anything I’m not an expert at to the experts. Safer somehow.


Gloves are a cyclist’s most important item of clothing. And the colder the weather gets, the more important it becomes. Mine are nice, warm gloves that are good and secure to hold the lens. When your fingers get cold and cramped, the ride is no longer comfortable or safe – a good pair of gloves is a must for winter riders!


It’s very possible that a summer helmet won’t fit comfortably over a warmer hat. Some of the more clever ones, like me, have an adjustable helmet that fits all year round. But it’s very possible that you need a new helmet to feel comfortable on your bike in winter. And while in summer you’re looking for maximum air permeability, in winter the opposite might be true.

Come to

Estonia is a very strange country – we have white most of the summer. Of course, a wise person will always drive with lights on, but in summer it might even be possible to get around it somehow. In winter – not at all! It is possible to add a lighting system to each wheel. Deciding which one to choose depends on both lifestyle and cycling style – there are many different designs of lights. As my bike is retro I chose the same style of lights. In the winter, when it gets dark in the early morning, it’s a must. However, if the lights are in order, it’s a real pleasure to ride around – everyone’s having a party! What you should never do in winter is drive around in the dark without lights and reflectors. It is a traffic hazard for everyone.
We found suitable lights for my bike at Velomarket and the guys put them on.

I have no idea exactly how it works, but since it works, I don’t care.

Layered clothing

This is crucial for the rider. Because you crank a little faster, your skin gets hot and it’s very easy to catch a chill from the breeze if you’re wearing the wrong clothes. Nice wind-breaking layers that can be stacked or thinned out according to the speed of movement are best. Much better winter gear than a single giant jacket or thick fur coat. A flexible wardrobe is also suited to the light, fast and mobile lifestyle of a cyclist.

Author: Kristina Herodes