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The Honzo models have now been in existence for 10 years. What has made this model so popular and loved?

In the world of mountain bikes, the Kona Honzo is the image of an ideal bike – in terms of technical parameters, this model is perfectly balanced compared to larger and more aggressive models. That’s probably why the Honzo has now become arguably one of the best-selling Kona models. Let’s also not forget that the original Honzo (or the first version of the Honzo) is considered by experts to be one of the most influential bikes of the last decade. Over the last few years, the Honzo model range has therefore received more and more significant upgrades from Kona and particular attention has been paid to further improving it.

Also in 2022 Kona hasn’t just sat back and watched that mnjah, ok – Honzo is the riders’ favourite and that´s it! No, Kona has further developed the Honzo and created several improvements to this model, taking into account the needs of cycling enthusiasts.

2022. The Honzo of 2007 has been blessed once again with geometry improvements. At the front end, the change includes a slightly more aggressive fork angle, making the Honzo even more capable in different technical situations. This is especially true on more demanding terrain and at higher speeds. The central part of the wheel has been modified with a lower saddle post position, which allows the use of even longer adjustable saddle posts.
In other respects, the Honzo has retained its similarities with the 2021 model, and only in a positive way. With a range of designs and components that have proven themselves time and time again in the cycling world, the Honzo is one of the best and certainly most interesting bikes on the market in its price class.

Creating a wheel is not just a process – it’s a creation.

Although carbon fibre has now stolen the limelight from aluminium, that doesn’t mean aluminium no longer has a place in the world of cycling. Aluminium continues to be the most widely used material in every class of bicycle – and with good reason. Aluminium is lightweight, strong and reasonably priced – in other words, it’s the perfect material for creating the perfect bike.
Kona engineers have created a true masterpiece in aluminium, using several different aluminium alloys for Honzo, including the 6061 alloy used in the aerospace industry. What gives the Honzo driving experience a special feel is that the aluminium has been moulded according to the characteristics you want to give to the different parts of the frame. Aluminium profiles are stretched to be thicker where extra strength is needed and thinner where weight savings can be made. This skilful use of materials makes the Honzo a bike with a good weight capacity, yet a very strong platform and frame. The Honzo skeleton is visually stiffer and stronger at the front – just where you need it on a mountain bike – and leaner and more agile at the rear.

It is said that the strength of a chain is determined by its weakest link.

Kona understands that a good bike is not just about strong materials or just good components. Kona bicycles have always been valued for their durability, and deliberately so. In addition to the strength of the frame material, a bicycle has four critical points that determine its durability. Based on the strength of the chain, they can be called “weak points” and Kona has paid particular attention to them.
At the front end of the frame, the longest possible joints and welds are used. The reason is simple – this is the place that has to cope with the greatest forces acting on the wheel. In addition, the front end uses a fork tube that expands at the bottom, which makes the wheel much more manoeuvrable in demanding situations and at the same time significantly extends the life of the neck bearings.
The frame’s saddlebag is the next place where intensive driving and descending can – and does! – enormous forces. In particular, because of the mass the rider applies to the wheel through the saddle. Kona has effectively ensured the durability of the saddler by using extra reinforcement and longer connections. However, this means that the Honzo can be used perfectly and intensively (or intensively!) by cyclists whose mass is significantly greater than that of a normal user.
Centre line is a point used for bicycles to describe the centre of gravity and the reason for it. The rider’s body weight is applied to the wheel through this point, with both feet resting on the pedals. In addition, the constant cranking of the mid-range is not an easy task for wheel manufacturers and engineers to ensure its durability. We are very pleased to see that Kona has used the traditional threaded centre line for the Honzo – a technique that has proven its durability and reliability for decades. Combined with a two-piece crank system and a through-going coarse shaft, it creates a durable and reliable solution you can trust. And most importantly – at a reasonable price.
And now we come to the very last bonus of Kona Honzo! The rear quick-release connection has historically earned the title of “weakest link” in rigid rear-end mountain bikes. Mountain biking and the thrills that come with it – descents and jumps, roots and rocks, successes and failures – have always been the things that can be the downfall of traditional rear-wheel quick-releases. This is for one simple reason – they are simply too weak. Kona has taken an important step to prevent this problem with the Honzo by using a 12 mm threaded through shaft instead of the traditional 5 mm shaft. Kona also uses the same solution on its most expensive and professional models, which is proof that no compromises have been made when it comes to the Kona Honzo’s durability.

Who is Honzo for?

In terms of its practical driving characteristics, the Honzo is really suitable for every rider – men and women alike. However, it is primarily aimed at those who are looking for a bike that is also suitable for slightly more challenging and ‘aggressive’ terrain than a standard cross-country bike. A sturdy frame, 29 inch tubeless ready barrels and 120mm of shock is just enough to keep you from feeling restricted on the more extreme terrain and descents. At the same time, the modern geometry with height-adjustable seat post and 1×11 gear shift system maintains the wheel’s agility and cranking efficiency.
So it’s safe to say that the Kona Honzo is exactly what it was originally created and designed to be – the epitome of an ideal mountain bike that you can ride anywhere. But come and see for yourself! At Velomarket’s Kalamaja branch at Tööstuse 43, there is a large selection of Honzo models from different vintages. NB! The selection in shops is wider than on our website – if only the last of a few models are still available, the online shop will no longer display them. So – contact us, find out which model would suit you and come for a ride! But be careful, you might just find the best bike of your life! 🙂 We are waiting for you!