Bicycle helmet Limar Alben MIPS




The Limar Alben Matt Black helmet is made with MIPS technology. MIPS – a movable “grid” that sits between the helmet and the head and moves 5-15 mm in each direction on impact, reducing the impact of the shock.

    • Sizes:
      M 53-57 cm
      L 57-61 cm
  • 22 air holes
  • Antibacterial and washable cushions
  • Weight: 230 g (size M), 260 g (size L)
  • Technology: MIPS
  • Colour: black


Limar, an Italian manufacturer of helmets and eyewear since 1986, has been perfecting helmet technology for over thirty years. The culmination of experience, technical knowledge and technological development over the years, Limar has the world’s lightest helmet, which has never compromised on safety or comfort. The lightweight and aerodynamic head protectors have been developed in collaboration with professional cycling athletes. Every little detail has been thought through and tested by our engineers to achieve a perfect fit, ventilation, protection and minimum weight.

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