Drill blades SKS Bluemels Basic 28″ 45 mm


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A set of SKS Bluemels Basic 28″ 45 mm drilling boards with robust construction.

The SKS BLUEMELS BASIC mudguard set not only integrates perfectly with the bike, but also protects against dirt and splashes. Thanks to their flexible construction, with ultra-fine aluminium ribs embedded in a plastic coating, the wings are extremely durable, rigid and corrosion resistant.

The ASR safety system ensures that the outriggers are unhooked if branches get caught between the spokes, so that the wheel does not lock. V-braces with fixed bridges ensure individual adjustment, while cut-outs on the lower crown allow assembly in tight spaces. Supplied with accessories and support posts.

  • Aluminium/plastic construction
  • V-neck with fixed bridges for flexible adjustment
  • ASR alarm system
  • Lower crown cut-outs
  • Made in Germany
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: black
  • Tyre width in inches: 1.1-1.4 inches
  • Tyre width mm: 28-37 mm
  • The length of the reindeer at the front: 680 mm
  • Rear boom length: 1185 mm

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