Exercise bar ELITE Roller Nero Interactive, Foldable

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The training stand Elite Roller Nero is the best interactive training stand that gives you the most realistic driving experience. Taking all the best features of Quick-Motion: design, floating system and comfort, Elite has also added black, aggressive and sporty.. but that’s not all. Why can’t it be interactive too?

Nero has combined the innovation of Quick Motion and the interactivity of Arion. Technically capable and good-looking – Nero has everything to ensure a fun and stimulating workout for athletes.

The training stand Elite Roller Nero is a parabolic scooter and is not connected to the bike frame. Because of this, you can drive as if you were actually on the road, and the muscles do exactly the same amount of work. Elite Nero is ideal for indoor training and pre-competition warm-up.

The Elite Roller Nero exercise bench is interactive and connects to all kinds of applications, software, computers and devices such as phones and tablets with IOS, Android, MacOS and Windows operating systems. Elite Nero adjusts the resistance according to your training session and uses ANT+ and Bluetooth wireless communication protocols to send information in real time to your programs, applications and software. Elite Nero’s ability to communicate wirelessly with most software gives riders the ability to choose between different training programs. The choice is an application called My E-Training, which has a 12-month free subscription and offers a number of different functions that are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Elite Nero training bench has a large selection of innovative solutions that make indoor training even better.

Steady pedaling
Before the Nero, training benches were not known for their smoothness of pedaling, but to improve this, two flywheels have now been added, and thanks to this, the smoothness is many times better than previous models. When riding Nero, you feel as if you are riding outdoors, even on uphills.
User convenience
Riding an exercise bike is not easy at first – jumping on a bike with no stability can be difficult and scary.
The training bench Elite Nero is equipped with a leg, and thanks to this, the rider has a firm footing when it is necessary to start or finish a training session. When the workout is over, you can fold the leg back up and it won’t show. The Elite Nero can be folded down in three places, has a locking system and is easy to transport via the ergonomic handle.

Even a beginner rider will get used to the Elite Nero exercise bar quickly thanks to its main feature – the floating system, which absorbs all sudden movements. In addition, it also improves athletic movements such as standing.

The most important innovation of the training bar Elite Nero is probably its interactivity. The three-stage resistance unit has been replaced with a new interactive unit that can simulate up to 7% inclines, which is quite a respectable percentage among training stands. This makes training on the exercise bench interactive, fun and exciting.

Several activities that can be done on this exercise bench combine with several software options. When you have a climb in front of you – either from the Elite Real video or from the virtual world of Zwift – the training stand on the Elite Nero will feel the changing resistance, giving you an almost perfectly real experience.


  • Elite Nero is suitable for both road, gravel and mountain bikes
  • 11 different positions for a perfect fit with your bike
  • Wheelbase 944-1144 mm
  • Maximum weight 115 kg
  • 270-760 W
  • 2 flywheels, each 2.7 kg
  • weight 18 kg
  • Dimensions: 630 x 1400 x 204 mm
  • Dimensions when folded: 630 x 470 x 304 mm



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