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Massage Roller Gymstick Roller – a massage tool for better muscle care and reduction of muscle tension. The roll is 33 cm long and 14 cm in diameter.
The reel is designed to withstand heavy loads and many years of use. Ordinary maple rolls become soft over time and no longer give the desired result. The reel is made of durable material. Compared to similar products, its structure does not become soft over time, so it is suitable for e.g. gyms and other places with high usage intensity!
When used correctly, a massage roller is the best tool for relieving muscle tension in hard-to-stretch areas, such as the outer thighs and the upper leg muscles. The massage roller is a very effective tool for relieving tension in the lower and upper back, as stretching alone may not help these areas.
The Body Roller is designed especially for people who play sports, helping to reduce muscle tension, speed up recovery and prevent injuries.
How to use:Place the massage roller on a smooth and preferably softer surface (to prolong the life of the product) and roll back and forth in long strokes. Start the massage close to the area of pain.
Also used for yoga training.
Load capacity 120 kg.
Weight 770 grams
Materkal EVA and PVC

Brand name: Gymstick

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