Pulling gum GYMSTICK Multi-Loop Band, Strong


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Gymstick’s high quality shatter-resistant workout rubber is made from a skin-friendly, soft textile. The 8 loops of the Multi Loop Band allow you to perform a wide range of exercises. The transition from one exercise to the next can be done quickly thanks to the 8 loops, the pulling force is different.
Rubbers are much more durable than standard latex rubber bands.
Polyester+ latex material. The latex does not come into contact with the skin but is integrated into the textile.
Dimensions: 93X5 cm. Maximum pulling force: 6.5 kg-100%/13 kg-200% (maximum).
Machine washable.
Available in 3 different strengths – light (apricot), medium (green), strong (lavender).

Brand name: Gymstick

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