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Do you like adventuring in the countryside or on the road? Are you looking for a bike to do some serious sport? Introducing a range of bikes that won’t leave you stranded on any road!

A mountain bike is suitable for riding anywhere, especially in forests and off-road terrain. At Velomarket, you’ll find a bike that’s perfect for everyday use and a top-of-the-range mountain bike that will help you climb to the top of the podium. We offer the best of the best from the top brands Kona, Giant and Ghost.


Do you drive on grass or on the road? Cyclo/gravel bike is equally enjoyable!

Gravel and cyclo-cross bikes have been a fast-rising trend on the cycling scene for several years. The cyclo/gravel bike is also a practical choice for our bumpy streets. But why not compete too! Cyclo-cross is currently the fastest-growing cross-country discipline. At first glance, it resembles off-road sport, but it is much more varied and arguably the most fun. The trail is technical and varied, with barriers, stairs, sandy ground, dirt, running or riding uphill, steep climbs and much more. Tactical planning and dexterity are needed to complete the course. Often you have to decide whether to ride a bike or wear a bike! We have a range of cyclocross bikes that are very durable and good value for money.


Are speed, quality and volume training important to you? A road wheel is the only choice!

Road bikes are the most specific type of bikes and are mainly designed for riding on asphalt. The advantages of this bike are speed and lightness, and an aerodynamic riding position. Usually, road bikes are more expensive than others, but there are also cheaper variants, which of course are not designed for the competitor. At Velomarket, we sell a range of highly rated models of road bikes. Come and see!