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There are currently quite a few different electric vehicles on the market, which can make it difficult for buyers to choose the best one. Electric scooters range in price from €300 to €9000+, and one wonders why one is so expensive and another that looks similar is two to three times cheaper. The price depends on a number of factors – the number and power of engines, battery capacity, type of suspension and brakes, quality of materials, optional equipment, lighting, manufacturer and much more.

There are two important points to consider when choosing wisely – budget and purpose. Once the buyer’s budget is more or less in place, the next step is to figure out what the scooter is for – “What breed would suit me?”. For example, if you want to travel 20 km to work every day, no low-end electric scooter will do, as they usually have a smaller battery and the maximum distance on a single charge will be low. The weight of the scooter should also be borne in mind, as some models weigh over 50 kg.

Electric scooter

Cheaper electric scooters between €350 and €600

Electric scooters in this price range are suitable for beginners who are just trying out or want to try out out of curiosity.

They have a low motor power (W). Cheaper electric pushbikes have a power rating of around 250 W and a top speed of up to 25 km/h. These engines have slower acceleration and it is difficult to reach top speed when the wheel has to carry more than 80 kg. Driving uphill is also almost impossible. If you need to drive continuously and carry heavier loads, we recommend a model with 350 W or more.

The battery capacity is also smaller, which means a shorter driving range of around 20 km. The factory tests are usually carried out with a rider weighing ~75 kg on a flat road. Therefore, you should be aware that the driving range may be shorter when driving off-road. The heavier the bike, the rougher the road, the more ups and downs it has to negotiate, the more energy the battery has to use.

They either have no or minimal suspension and are mostly solid tyres. They bounce more and staying on the road is more precarious. On the plus side, unlike pneumatic tyres, solid tyres are puncture-resistant and require minimal maintenance.

So, if you want to occasionally ride for leisure, a cheaper scooter will do just fine. For example

– Reelika, who lives on the 4th floor, chooses her own races to go for a fun ride with her friends in the meantime. We recommend the Z8 model from French electric scooter manufacturer Power Zero. A reliable machine with ultra-light suspension, designed for beginners.

Electric scooters

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Mid-range electric scooters in the €600-1000 price range.

Scooters in this price range have a higher motor power (350 W and more, around 500 W), so the acceleration and top speed are higher. They also have more power to carry more weight and go uphill.

They have a larger battery capacity and a driving range of around 25-50 km.

They have better suspension, brakes and tyres. More pneumatic tyres are used, which are softer and do not bounce as much as solid tyres. It is more comfortable to ride a bike with pneumatic tyres but no suspension than a bike with suspension but full tyres underneath. Pneumatic tyres have better grip than solid tyres – they don’t slip as easily on the road and have a shorter braking distance. But they need more maintenance – tyre pressure needs to be right and punctures can cause tyre failure.

If, after the first use of a cheaper scooter, there is more interest in electric scooters, people will swap their old scooter for a more comfortable one. It’s perfect for those who are no longer beginner “Sunday riders” and who prefer comfort. They are good enough to drive a little further on a daily basis, for example to and from work.

Electric scooters in this price range are also not very heavy, in case you need to carry them when the battery is running low or store them upstairs in your room.

Who would want a machine in this price range?

– Toomas, who works in Tartu and wants to travel to work every day and in all weathers. We recommend the Z9 48V with a range of 35 km, from French electric scooter manufacturer Power Zero. With suspension and front and rear lights, you can drive comfortably and easily see the road.

Electric scooters

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The most expensive electric scooters up to €1000 and above.

Electric scooters in this price range are the most powerful, the fastest, the most comfortable, the most durable, the best … and the most expensive.

They have powerful motors on both wheels (~1000 W), capable of riding on any terrain and on higher climbs. The driving range is also much greater, ~60 km or more. They come with quality brakes and often larger, wider and deeper-patterned tyres that are comfortable on gravel roads. Suspension on both wheels and handlebars, and a wider choice of accessories.

The only downside is their heavy weight. Larger motors, a bigger battery and more durable materials inevitably add weight. But because they have a longer range and are durable, they always get you to your destination.

Who would want a machine in this price range?
Rain, who works in Tallinn and visits 10 company shops every day to check the quality of the food. We recommend the Z8 Pro from French electric scooter manufacturer Power Zero, which is compact enough to travel up to 50 km and has a large battery capacity.

Best electric scooters

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Off-road sport electric scooters

Electric scooters in this class offer high speed and a very long range. They have powerful engines, mostly hydraulic disc brakes, wide tyres, big wheels, very good suspension. Sport electric scooters are very durable, comfortable and robust, and can be ridden on rough terrain. They are also suitable for daily commuting, but you have to pay attention to the weight as they are usually ~30 kg.

Who would benefit from such a machine?

– Ivo, who wants to take part in offroad races. We recommend the Power Zero model Z10X 60v. With two motors, it’s a super-powerful machine with good suspension and the option of off-road tyres.

What to remember?

Over time and with frequent use, battery capacity will inevitably decrease. With it comes driving range. In most cases, batteries retain their capacity after 300-500 charging cycles. The best ones can even withstand up to 1000 cycles before capacity starts to drop.

Scooters in different price ranges also have different carrying capacities. Scooters produced for the European market typically have a maximum load capacity of 100 kg.
Carrying more weight than the maximum carrying capacity of an electric scooter will damage the engine, making it difficult or even impossible to reach top speed and climb hills. This can invalidate the warranty and is also dangerous for the rider as many other components, such as brakes or suspension, can break.
It is a little known fact that many electric scooters are not waterproof. One of the biggest producers of electric scooters is China, which manufactures wheels for its own climate. Water damage may also not be covered under warranty. So check carefully whether the scooter is waterproof and whether water damage is covered by the warranty.
Many scooters can be folded up to take up less space and be handy to take with you when you need them. Either in the trunk of a car, for storage in a room, etc. There are also those that can be removed from the battery and recharged from the comfort of your home or office.

This is the case with the electric scooters from Estonian scooter manufacturer Velt Smart Scooter:

Good things come at a cost!

One strong recommendation is to look towards “premium” and/or “people’s choice” brands (e.g. Power-Zero, Kaabo, Inokim Dualtron, Segway Ninebot). Then you can be sure that your vehicle is made up of high-quality and reliable components. Importantly, these products are also much safer than cheap Chinese models that break while driving or catch fire while charging.

Something for every taste! It’s just a matter of understanding what you need and for what purpose. If the weight of the scooter is important, you should look towards compact models. If maximum distance is important, it’s worth looking at battery capacity. If you need good suspension and a powerful engine and a big battery, it’s worth looking at a power lift.
Sometimes the wishes are so specific that the scooter world is not yet able to satisfy them all, but fortunately there are electric bikes that can go further (up to 150km on a single charge) and use less energy to do so.