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Join the Velomarket newsletter and take part in our biggest raffle of the season! 10 Velomarket gift cards worth €50 and one new mountain bike GIANT ATX VIBRANT will be drawn.

The campaign lasts until 30.09.2023. Until the end of the campaign, we will draw one winner of a €50 gift card on the last day of every month. On the last day of the last month of the campaign, 30.09.2023, we drew four Velomarket gift cards worth €50. We will draw the winner of the bicycle after the end of the campaign on 02.10.2023. All users who subscribed to the Velomarket newsletter until 30.09.2023 participate in the campaign. We will contact the winners by email.

New bicycles

Promotion rules:

  1. In the period 01.03.2023 – 30.09. In 2023, a consumer game will be held in Velomarket stores and e-shop, organized by Velomarket OÜ, 12802041, Tööstuse 43, Tallinn +372 508 3309 (hereinafter campaign Organizer)
  2. The procedure for conducting the campaign is established by the campaign Organizer in these rules. All campaign Organizer’s decisions in conducting the campaign are final and binding on all campaign participants.
  3. To participate in the campaign and win prizes, the customer must subscribe to the Velomarket newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter on the home page of the Velomarket e-store. E-store address . The block for subscribing to the newsletter is located in the footer (bottom edge) of the home page of the e-store.
  4. All users who subscribed to the Velomarket newsletter in the period 01.03.23 – 30.09.23 participate in the campaign.
  5. All Campaign participants who have fulfilled the condition specified in point 4 and who have correctly filled out all data fields in the loyal customer database will participate in the draw, in which one GIANT ATX VIBRANT and 10 x Velomarket 50 EUR gift cards will be drawn. A total of 11 prizes will be drawn.
  6. The winners will be drawn no later than 02.10.2023, and the winners will be contacted by e-mail within 5 working days from the moment of the draw. The first names of the winners will be published on Velomarket’s social media, together with the pictures of the moment of the award presentation. In case of refusal to take pictures, the organizer of the campaign has the right to draw a new winner.
  7. If the winner is not available and does not respond to e-mails within 10 working days, he/she loses the right to the prize and the organizer has the right to draw a new winner.
  8. Prizes will be issued to the winners until 30.10.2023 on the basis of an identity document (passport, driver’s license or ID card) from Velomarket stores. The exact prize delivery shop will be determined by agreement with the winner.
  9. Alternatiiv punktile 8 kui auhinnad saadetakse.

    1. The winner is asked for information about the location to which the prize should be sent, as well as consent to transfer his personal data (name, address, phone) to the transport company (courier).
    1. The prize will be delivered to the winner via a courier service within the Republic of Estonia with a one-time delivery. The winner must accept the prize. A winner who fails to accept the prize will forfeit the right to the prize.
  1. The won prize will not be replaced by another prize and its cost will not be reimbursed in money. The winner has the right to renounce the prize by notifying the Organizer in writing. In this case, a new winner will be drawn.

  2. All disputes arising from the Campaign will be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Taxes related to the awarding of prizes are paid by the Organizer.
  3. The Campaign Organizer has the unilateral right to interrupt the Campaign and stop awarding prizes in the event of force majeure , immediately informing campaign participants through the media. The Organizer is not responsible for problems arising from the User’s mobile phone, computer or any other device and operating system that prevent participation in the campaign and subscription to the newsletter.
  4. All complaints regarding the organization and/or execution of the Campaign must be sent in writing to
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