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It’s easy to choose the right bike size – contactless, seven days a week from Velomarket.

What is the first step in choosing a new bike? Start by thinking about where you’re going to ride and for what purpose, and make a decision based on that – do you need an urban bike for everyday commuting, a fast road bike for sport or a mountain bike for hiking in the woods? During periods of social distance and restricted mobility, it is important to stay in the fresh air and do so safely, without forgetting the body’s natural need for movement.

A city bike can save you time, save you from driving and public transport, and give you the freedom to move from place to place, while also taking you on great outdoor adventures in your spare time. As a sportbike owner, your lifestyle is more about pursuing sporting challenges on a bike. In the first case, it is important to get to your destination quickly, safely and by a route that suits you. In the other case, it is the distance travelled and the driving environment and effort that will be more decisive. Whatever the case, there is a bike model to suit you and your needs. We’ll help you find it.

Feel free to ask for advice!

When you’re making your choice, we’ve created a number of safe, contactless ways for you to check out what’s on offer. Check out all the bike models and functionalities available and ask an expert for advice virtually, either via video, in the online shop or by combining the two.

If you still want to check out the bikes for sale in the shop yourself, book a personalised visit to the Velomarket shop at a time that suits you, every day until 21:00, without other customers being in the shop at the same time. All of these solutions give you the opportunity to find your perfect two-wheeled companion in a non-contact and socially distanced way.

Your new bike needs to match you in size, functionality and style. In Tallinn, you can also order a pre-selected set of bikes for a test ride in your home or on the street. So you can try it out for yourself and then choose the model that catches your eye.

We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to familiarise yourself with the bikes and to ask for advice from experts before you buy. However, if you make a purchase online and when you arrive at the shop it turns out that the bike size is still not right, we will exchange it for a suitable bike free of charge during the crisis.

Before you buy, make sure you’ve considered all your cycling needs and found a stylish model with just the right size and functionality.

The right size wheel

For a classic city bike, the measurement is not as critical as for the more sporty models, as the height and position of the lens can be easily and quickly adjusted over a wide range. Frame size charts for city bikes are not usually issued by manufacturers, but are more similar to the frame size of a mountain bike. Road bikes and hybrids are slightly larger.

For a classic city bike, the metric is not as critical as it is for more sporty models.

However, if you are aiming for physical exercise and sporting goals, it is advisable to make more effort to find the right size bike! Which bike is suitable for my sport? To ensure that you are always comfortable jumping on and riding safely, with good handling and support for your natural posture, without causing muscle tension or excessive physical strain on your bones, for example, you need to take into account things like the height of the frame and saddle, the distance between the handlebars, the distance between the wheels, etc.

The most important bicycle frame dimensions are shown in the figure below.

What's on which wheel?
What’s on which wheel?

You can find the right bike size for you by knowing just a few key body measurements from our tables. If you’re on the borderline, go for a smaller bike because it’s more comfortable. To help you choose a bike for your child, see the bike size information below.

Right size for a mountain bike

Read more about choosing a mountain bike and finding the right size for you here. The right sized mountain bike (or the right sized bike frame) will handle well and take you exploring, regardless of the terrain, climbs and descents. In any case, the bike should fit your body and riding style, whatever name you end up choosing. Test drive and ask for advice before you buy!

Table of mountain bike dimensions.
Table of mountain bike dimensions.

The right size for a road bike

NB! Fixed, gravel-type and hybrid bicycles are also in the same range as road bikes.

On urban bikes, it is generally possible to adjust the height and position of the handlebars and seat to suit your own grip and comfortable posture.
On urban bikes, it is generally possible to adjust the height and position of the handlebars and seat to suit your own grip and comfortable posture.

If you would like to do some more preliminary work on choosing a road bike based on your interests, needs and driving style, we recommend reading this blog post. With a better understanding of the geometry of the bike, it will give you an idea of which bike offers the best riding comfort and ergonomics for your body and riding style. You can always contact our team for advice on this, for example, you can book a video visit to the store. This way, our specialist will be able to show you the different models and answer your questions immediately.

You can also read more about road wheels and gravel wheel dimensions in this English article. The heavier your daily riding lifestyle, the more important it is to find a bike with the perfect size and functionality for your body.

The right size of wheel ensures an efficient riding style, avoids disproportionate strain on your physical body and enhances your overall riding experience.

Once you’ve chosen the right size bike frame for your body, you can make the necessary adjustments to the parts of your bike as you hone your riding style. For example, you can change the height and angle of the seat, or the height of the handlebars for better manoeuvrability, even on challenging trails. If you have the right sized frame, you can also swap out components as your riding habits change.

When buying a bike, feel free to ask for advice, talk about your riding goals and challenges, and take the opportunity to test ride a bike in a park near the bike shop or on your own street – for a service fee of just €15, we’ll bring the bikes you’re interested in to your home in Tallinn.

If you’re interested in improving your athletic abilities and are looking for a sport bike, choosing the right size is already a degree more complicated because it depends on your specific challenges, terrain, speeds and distances. This way you can be more efficient and effective in sport while avoiding injuries.

Bike for a child

Load wheel sizes.
Load wheel sizes.