Tööstuse 43, Tallinn, Estonia
Store: +372 508 3309
Workshop: +372 5301 8568

Tähesaju tee 31, Tallinn Estonia
Store: +372 5885 7752
Workshop: +372 5301 6938


Info: +372 508 3309

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About us

Velomarket offers quality bicycles for women, men and children. You can choose from urban bikes, hybrid bikes and mountain bikes. The Velomarket workshop offers bicycle maintenance and repairs. We can fix your new or old bike! In addition, there is a bicycle rental in Velomarket (Tööstuse 43).

In recent years, we have also added electric bikes and scooters to our product range.

The Velomarket bike shop brings the following bike brands to the country and represents them:
Kona – off-road and mountain bikes, Canada
Excelsior – stylish urban bikes from Germany
Giant – the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, with a range of bicycles to suit every taste.
Bobbin – Stylish children’s bikes, UK
Arkus and Romet – stylish urban bikes and affordable sport bikes, Poland

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