Training stand Tunturi PT20 Power Tower


It doesn’t take much to train the upper body. The Tunturi Power Tower PT20 is very durable, easy to use and takes up little space. These features make it ideal for home use!

  • Different workout options without weights to strengthen the upper body.
  • Easy-to-use training equipment for home or gym use
  • Takes up little space
  • Very durable design and long life

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Maximum carrying capacity
It is important to know the maximum load capacity per part of the appliance (see picture). If you subtract your body weight from your maximum load capacity, you will know how much weight you can load. Maximum user weight: 120 kg.

Pull handle, handles
At the top is a sturdy paddle for chin and overhead exercises. To train all upper body muscle groups, change the position of your arms closer and further apart.

Armrests for pulling exercises + handles
Armrests and handles are included in the centre of the training bench.

Arm supports
Place your hands on the two strong supports at the foot. You can also use accessories such as belts or rubber bands for the crunches.

Comfortable handles + cushion + backrest
Rubber grips ensure optimum comfort during your workout, as do the sturdy foam-filled hand pads and special backrest.


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