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You enjoy intense workouts. You give it your all and you feel really good after a strong workout. Challenge yourself and make your workouts a little heavier with the Tunturi Weighted Vest. The 8 supplied bags contain sand and weigh 1.88 kg each. Add your desired weight easily and make your workout as heavy as you want. Or gradually build up the intensity of your workout by slowly increasing the weight. Running, walking or strength training becomes an even better workout. The comfortable material, the adjustable straps and the thoughtful fitting ensure comfortable use. The wide tires around the back and shoulders give extra support, which reduces the risk of back and neck injuries. The benefits of the Tunturi Adjustable Weighted Vest ✓ Makes your workouts even better by carrying extra weight: 0 to 10 kg ✓ Improves your endurance ✓ Made of comfortable, ventilating material ✓ Good fit due to the adjustable straps and wide shoulder shape Train your muscles and improve your endurance with this cool Tunturi Adjustable Weighted Vest. Order it now! Overview specifications • Includes 8 sandbags of 1.25 kg each • Beautifully finished vest with space for the weight bags • Material: ventilating nylon • Added support for neck and shoulders due to the wide, comfortable shoulder straps with reinforcement • Adjustable straps for an ideal fit • With safety reflectors • Total weight: 10 kg

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